Limo Lunch Party Bus


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The Limo Lunch Party Bus to the Habit is an annual Spring Event wherein Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum Backers or Business Sponsors with a BAMS Student at the $300 level or higher will ride the Limo Lunch Bus with Mr. Stever, listening to fun, current music then have lunch at the Habit Burger Restaurant.
***If you are not a Gold, Gold Plus or Platinum Backer or a Business Sponsor of $300 or more you will have another opportunity to fund raise in the Spring or Upgrade your Silver Backer. Students can also contact Businesses and ask them to Sponsor them on the student’s behalf.

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$150.00, $200.00, $150.00 Business Sponsor, $200.00 Business Sponsor, $500.00 Business Sponsor, $50.00 Limo Upgrade


You can thank me publicly on the PTSA website/newsletter, I would like to remain anonymous